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Product Design & Strategy focused on helping companies innovate and grow. 

I help companies create innovative products and services and then help them grow. I’ve worked with companies ranging from venture-backed early stage startups to the biggest company in the world*.

How I Can Help

I partner with businesses to solve their most important business problems

Design Sprint Facilitation

A one week process that goes from idea to validation.
• Get unstuck and make progress on your toughest problems
• Align your team around your business goals
• Do in 4 days what typically takes 6 months

Grow Your Design Team

Whether looking for your first hire or building your first design team,
I'll help you:
• find the right people for your business
• Strategically grow your team

Product Design and Strategy

Discover, define, and build the right things. I can help with:
• Finding Product/Market fit
• Growing and scaling your product
• Building strategic approach to product development

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About Me

Hi, I’m David. A product designer and strategist focused on designing for business outcomes.

My Background

I have over 10 years of experience designing products, services, and strategies for great companies of all sizes. Most recently I was VP of Design at Loop, where we changed communication for surgical procedures. Previously I worked with One Medical, Apigee (Aquired by Google), *Apple, and Townhog (Acquired by BuyWithMe).

I'm active in the Bay Area community as a Mentor for designers, having worked with Cascade SF and Springboard to help upcoming designers and entrepreneurs understand and overcome challenges in creating excellent design.

I have also served as an advisor to startups and institutions with a focus on health-tech and education. Most recently I've joined with UCSF HealthHub to help entrepreneurs grow and scale thier health-tech businesses.


Designing piece of mind for patients and supporters during surgery

Surgery can feel just as complex and stressful for patients as it does for surgeons. As VP of Design at Loop, I led design the effort to help patients and their supporters gain clarity, understanding, and piece of mind on their surgical procedures. We built an app that gave users the latest information on procedures, before and after care, and a way to reach out to give support no matter where you are.

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Image from One Medical
One medical
Reinventing Lab Orders: A Design Sprint

At One Medical, I led Product Design on the Provider Experience team to redesign the EMR system providers use to care for patients, including how providers diagnose illnesses, create treatment plans, and order things like prescriptions and lab tests. Designing a seamless lab order experience was a big challenge with a huge impact on the lives of patients and providers. I led a Design Sprint to successfully integrate multiple internal teams and user needs to design a great experience across several physical and digital products and services.

This work is under NDA
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How Design can make better API tools for Developers 

Apigee redefined API Management with exceptional tools used by the world biggest companies. I led design on several products on the Developer Experience team including Policy Editor and Trace in Apigee Edge, Usergrid, and MoblieAnalytics. Our challenge was to design useful tools that leveraged quick visual editing as well as allowing Developers to dig into the code when needed.

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Helping Apple Make Global feel Local

As part of Apple’s localization team, I worked on projects across the entire product line of Apple hardware, software, and packaging. Our work helped bring Apple products in native languages to over 45 countries including China, Italy, Germany, Thailand, France, and Japan.

This work is under NDA
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